What Are The Stamp Duty Rates For A Property Transaction in Singapore?


BSD refers to buyer stamp duty.

You are required to pay BSD for documents executed for the transfer or sale and purchase of property located in Singapore. BSD will be computed on the purchase price as stated in the document to be stamped or market value of the property (whichever is the higher amount).

How to calculate BSD?

BSD Rates & Computation

Purchase Price or Market Value of the PropertyBSD Rates for residential properties BSD Rates for non-residential properties 
 First $180,000                 1%                         1%
 Next $180,000                 2%                         2%
 Next $640,000                 3%                         3%  
 Remaining Amount                 4%
Table of BSD Rates, Source: IRAS

BSD is rounded down to the nearest dollar, subject to a minimum duty of $1.

Visit IRAS for more information about BSD.


I am a Singapore Citizen buying my first property. Do I need to pay BSD?

Yes, your purchase is subject to BSD. BSD is payable on all acquisitions of immovable properties in Singapore. It is not dependent on the nationality of the buyer or the number of properties that the buyer owns.

Do I need to pay the ABSD if I have paid the BSD?

ABSD remains payable in addition to the BSD by buyers of certain profiles.


ABSD stands for Additional buyer’s stamp duty. ABSD is payable on the purchase or acquisition of residential properties in Singapore, based on the higher of the consideration or market value.

The ABSD rate applicable depends on the profile of the buyer. For acquisitions made jointly by two or more parties of different profiles, the ABSD rate applicable will be based on the profile with the highest ABSD rate on the entire property value acquired.

Profile of buyer  ABSD Rates  
Singapore Citizens (SC) buying 1st residential property  N.A.
SC buying 2nd residential property  12% 17%
SC buying 3rd and subsequent residential property  15% 25%
Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) buying 1st residential property  5%
SPR buying 2nd and subsequent residential property  15% 25%
Foreigners (FR) buying any residential property  20% 30%
Entities buying any residential property  25% 35% (+5% for housing developers)
Table of ABSD Rates (revised) – Source: IRAS

Rates on or after 16th Dec 2021.

Visit IRAS for more information about ABSD.